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Oh? Just fine. Had nice beach date with Candace and now Bon Dance time. Well…set up for bon dance. Me just no have time to go around and tell everyone. It okay. Others find out soon enough.

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Rax: "This isn’t your fault. And if you want an Explanation, that’s fine. Just not here"

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Gonna be a bit longer before I can make another plot update, but in the meantime, I saw Chrono get pretty pissed off during the war and, well, how the hell could I not draw that?

Chrono belongs to askteamshelds

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The last one was well received and really helped so here’s another one

This one’s name is Morbuzakh

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I who am I kidding there’s nothing about that picture that doesn’t scream “Psychopath”

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I needed to cool down a bit so I decided to draw a future character for the blog

His name’s Teridax. And while I won’t directly say if he’s a good or bad guy, I will say that his name is a dead give away

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Popped by for a sec to drop off a pic of Mega Azura

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