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AU where Azura has a trainer

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The last one was well received and really helped so here’s another one

This one’s name is Morbuzakh

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I who am I kidding there’s nothing about that picture that doesn’t scream “Psychopath”

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I needed to cool down a bit so I decided to draw a future character for the blog

His name’s Teridax. And while I won’t directly say if he’s a good or bad guy, I will say that his name is a dead give away

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Got a few secs of internet so I’mma use it to post a bit of art I did while I was gone

Made this for the 4th of July but wound up unable to post it in time

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Popped by for a sec to drop off a pic of Mega Azura

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Inside the Box was a Sword With a Black Blade that Glowed Faintly with a rainbow Hue.

"I hope you like it! I gave the Guild some Very Specific Instructions on this. While Moonstone is used for the base, I also had them use The other Evolution Stones in making it as well, so someone like you or Wendell would have no problem Unlocking the elemental Energies stored inside."

Oooh shiny owo/ *Reaches in and takes the sword out, peering at it and turning it back and forth* Everyone is getting me weapons, Hadou got me a scythe, you a sword. Haha, I wonder what’s next… Hmm~ Well thank you Azura. nwn

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